New for 2015

I have recently returned from my fabric buying trip in Dar es Salaam.

As usual I was blown away by the sheer variety and ingenuity of the designs on offer. There were a couple of old favourites from last year but of the 80+ designs I chose for this year the rest are new.

I also made contact with a small collective called ‘Tamaduni Art’ who produce hand printed, cotton T-shirts and these will be available this summer.

Please remember that the sizes of shirts that we have available are in brackets next to the name of the design. If it is not there, we don’t have it.Lazy DayzWarrior Woman copyTAMADUNI


Tanzania for Christmas

I will be travelling to Tanzania over the Christmas break to select the new fabrics for the 2015 collection.

I’m looking forward to being amazed at the complexity and ingenuity of the new patterns on offer.

Keep an eye on the site for the new designs which will come online.To see our range of clothes for women check out our etsy shop at:


One of our younger wearers  in Oz

Spread the word – LOUD AS YOU LIKE!


New for 2013 – Long Sleeved Loud Shirts!!

By popular demand the classic Loud As You Like shirt is now available with long sleeves.

As always, they are beautifully tailored and made from the highest quality, genuine African wax prints.

We hope you like this new addition to the Loud As You Like Collection.

Check out the page in the shop section to see the full range of designs and sizes available.

These exclusive shirts are produced in very limited runs and are not repeated so if you you see one you want, best get it as once it’s gone it’s gone!

Lilly Loops

Lilly Loops


Check Out The Range Of Loud Shirts: New For 2013

RASTA  SUNBURST - One of our new range of casual shirts for 2013

RASTA SUNBURST – One of our new range of casual shirts for 2013

I’m finally back from my travels with all the new stock made.
This year there is more choice than ever with over 80 different designs; with the option of Medium, Large and Extra Large in the same design.

Catch up with us at either WOMAD or Wychwood festivals this year.